Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Project Type: Recoat
Size: 157,523 sq. ft.


The SPF roof on Paramit’s building was originally installed when the building was constructed. The foam roof was performing well and had at least five years of life remaining before a recoat would be required. However, Paramit wanted to install a roof top PV system which would cover the entire roof top. The ownership made the decision to have CCC recoat the roof to match the lifespan of the roof with the lifespan of the solar panels.


CCC cleaned and pressure washed the surface of the existing roof. The roof was then recoated with a high tensile strength acrylic coating and a fresh application on granules. The roof was warranted with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. After recoating, it is expected that the foam roof will provide another 25 years of performance which is the same as the performance expectation of the solar installation.