Location: Santa Clara, CA
Project Type: Re-roof
Size: 33,990 sq. ft.


Replace an aging tar and gravel style built up roof without disrupting the operations of a high-tech client. In addition to the roof leaks, the large amount of duct work present on the roof was also the source of water leaks and air leaks. The large HVAC system including several hundred linear feet of chilled water supply & return piping made for a challenging installation.


Preparing this roof for foaming involved removing the surface gravel using a high powered wet vacuum. This provided an excellent substrate for the new roof without the expense and inconvenience of a tear-off. CCC installed 1-1/2 inches of SPF over the roof and also foamed several thousand square feet of ductwork. The duct foaming provides a huge increase in energy efficiency by stopping air leaks and adding insulation to the ducts. CCC used its proven flashing and preparation techniques around the HVAC units and piping. On this project CCC once again proved its ability to provide a high quality roof on an occupied facility.