Location: Foster City, CA
Project Type: Reroof
Size: 71,290 sq. ft.


The existing tar and gravel roofs on the hotel had been a source of leaks for many years. After researching many different roofing systems, the ownership found that a foam roof by CCC would provide the best solution at the best price with the least impact on the hotel. The project was complicated by the roof being separated into many different section on several different levels. Also, noise and disruption were a big issue as the hotel lodges flight crews arriving from Asia into SFO airport.


CCC removed the surface gravel and prepare the existing roof to receive SPF roofing. CCC also had to perform an extensive amount of detailed preparation work around HVAC units, electrical panels and cell phone equipment. This difficult project required daily coordination with the hotel staff as the flight crews arriving from Asia had to be placed in rooms that would not be disturbed by that day’s roofing activities.