Location: San Jose, CA
Project Type: Research & Development Facility
Size: 160,000 sq. ft.


Central Coating was recently tasked with installing a spray polyurethane roof for Intermolecular, Inc. The client’s roof spanned an impressive 160,000 square feet, which contained several open areas. However, the biggest challenge was a 40,000 square foot section over a clean room. The clean room had a large amount of equipment that needed to be accommodated on the roof to ensure proper ventilation and filtration. This created a complicated installation process that required a high degree of skill and precision from Central Coating’s team.


To solve the challenge, Central Coating’s team worked closely with Intermolecular, Inc. to develop a unique installation strategy. They installed the spray polyurethane roof in sections, working around the complex equipment in the clean room. The team used their expertise to carefully navigate around the equipment to create a durable and energy-efficient roof. The installed roof also provided insulation which increased the comfort level for those working in the clean room and the rest of the building. So, despite the challenges posed by the clean room’s dense roof equipment, Central Coating was able to deliver a high-quality and long-lasting roofing solution for Intermolecular, Inc., thanks to our experienced team and innovative approach to problem-solving.