Location: Palo Alto, CA
Project Type: New Construction Roofing
Size: 17,391 sq. ft.

This project received the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) National Industry Excellence Award in 2007.


  1. Complete project during short summer vacation period.
  2. Gymnasium ceiling was left exposed requiring that no mechanical fasteners could penetrate the roof deck and be visible from below.
  3. Several lower roof levels were constructed “dead flat” requiring that slope to drain be achieved with CCC’s SpraySlope™ slope to drain SPF roof system


  1. All foaming completed before school started and coating application phased around first days of school year.
  2. Insulation requirement for project was R-22. To achieve this, high-density polyisocyanurate boardstock was secured to the top of the fluted metal deck using Dow Chemical Insta-Stick Adhesive instead of mechanical fasteners. Then two 1 inch passes of SPF were installed over the boardstock.
  3. On the “dead flat” roof areas tapered passes of SPF were installed to form slope to drain at ¼ inch per foot. At its thickest point the SPF is 8 inches thick. CCC provided the insulation, slope to drain system and roof membrane within its scope of work. Having three separate scopes of work performed by one trade saved time and money for the client.