Location: Historic Pier 70, San Francisco CA
Project Type: Commercial Roof Renovation
Size: 82,000 sq. ft.


The Pier 70 project presented several challenges that made a sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) roof the perfect solution for this hundred-year-old facility. Because of its designation as a historical building, there was no requirement for thermal roof insulation which meant that the radiant heat from the metal roof created an uncomfortably warm interior for occupants. In fact, infrared imagery documented internal heat temperatures as high as 135° on warm days on the underside of the metal roof, causing ambient temperatures that exceeded 85° in this high-tech, un-conditioned office space.


A two-inch thick layer of spray foam was chosen as the only viable solution to the radiant heat issue when also considering the strict historical society standards. This resulted in an underdeck temperature reduction of as much as 40° on warm days and considerably increased comfort for employees. So, the spray foam roof stopped recurring leaks, added seamless and continuous insulation, and maintained the building’s historic status.