Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Project Type: Commercial Roof Renovation
Size: 43,500


When LinkedIn purchased this existing concrete tilt-up commercial building in Sunnyvale they wanted to do something special with their renovation. California has a building code requirement coming in 2030 that all commercial buildings will have Zero Net Energy (ZNE) use. LinkedIn made the forward step to upgrade this building to ZNE well ahead of the upcoming California requirement. This renovation required that all systems be of the highest possible efficiency, including the roof.


CCC installed a four-inch-thick SPF roof which provided R-25 of continuous insulation for this commercial building in Silicon Valley. However, with no gaps and no fasteners, the monolithic SPF roof provides higher performance insulation than rigid insulation board systems. This fully adhered SPF system also allowed the exposed wood ceilings to be free of unsightly fasteners being visible through the roof like when rigid insulation systems are installed.

This project also included careful design considerations needed to incorporate the new foam roof with the commercial roof HVAC, photo-voltaic system and dozens of new skylights for increased “daylighting.”