With proper maintenance and periodic recoating an SPF roof will last the life of a building. An important advantage of an SPF roof is that it can be renewed by recoating at the end of its “design life” instead of being completely replaced like other roof systems. Design life refers to the period of time between the roof installation and the first recoat. The Design Life of Central Coating roofs is at least 20 to 25 years meaning that your foam roof will provide 20 to 25 years of service before the first recoat is required. The Design Life can be extended by increasing the thickness of the acrylic coating system during initial roof installation. The addition of roofing granules in the top pass of the coating system further enhances the life of the coating system.

The acrylic coating which protects the foam from UV radiation is the wearing component of the roof system. When the acrylic coating begins to wear thin it will need to be recoated but the foam component of the roof system does not need to be removed or replaced.

How we recoat your roof

  • Powerwash the roof to remove dirt, debris, and oxidized coating.
  • Repair any damage that has occurred over the life of the roof.
  • Update any details to current installation standards.
  • Seal any new penetrations to current standards.
  • Inspect all drains, flashings, edge metal, etc. Replace or repair as required.
  • Install an additional coat of acrylic coating.
  • Install granules into the coating system.
  • Reissue leak free warranty and maintenance agreement

Central Coating maintains relationships with long-term customers and will recommend that recoats be performed when necessary. CCC can also service foam roofs installed by other contractors.