Title 24 Compliance

California’s Title 24 Energy Code is Updated Every Three Years. The 2022 Code Went Into Effect on 1/1/23. This New Code Includes Requirements to Increase the Efficiency of Non-Residential, Multi-Family, and Hotel Buildings During Roof Replacements. Central Coating Company Can Help Owners Meet the Title-24 Requirements While Substantially Increasing Energy Efficiency of Their Buildings.




Does Title 24 Apply to My Roof Replacement, Recover or Roof Coating Project? Energy Code Ace and the California Energy Commission have published the following table which details when the Energy Code applies. In general, if a building already has above-deck, continuous insulation of R-10 or greater, you do not need to add more insulation.

For all buildings without insulation above the roof deck, the addition of a minimum or R-10 continuous, above-deck insulation is required when a roof is replaced. There are no exceptions for roof recovers or roof restoration coatings and these projects require that R-10 insulation be installed. If the existing roof is removed, the building needs to be insulated up to R-17 or R-23 depending on the climate zone.

Does Your Project Trigger the Energy Code?

New Construction, Addition and Alteration projects are subject to the Energy Code. Repairs are not subject to the Energy Code if the repair does not increase energy use. See Table 2 for a list of typical project scopes, how they are classified and whether they must comply with the Energy Code.

Is Your Nonresidential Project New Construction, Addition, Alteration or a Repair?
Project Scope Project Type Is the Energy Code Triggered?
Newly conditioned building New Construction YES
Tenant improvement that is the first conditioned build out of the space New Construction YES
First conditioning of a space that is not a tenant improvement Addition YES
Adding newly conditioned floor area and volume to a building Addition YES
Replacing existing building features associated with conditioned space Alteration YES
Tenant improvement that is the first conditioned build out of the space Alteration YES
Recoating, recovering or replacing roofing but NOT repairing a roof Alteration YES
Repairing, but NOT recoating, recovering or replacing roofing Repair No
Replacing glass or sashes within an existing frame of a conditioned space Repair No

How can Central Coating Company help with Title-24 compliance? CCC has installed over 70 million square feet of SPF roofing over the last 50 plus years. These insulated roofs provided added above-deck insulation even though it was not required by code. For years, SPF has competed against uninsulated, built-up, single-ply, and coating-only systems. SPF was typically more expensive, but insulated the building while the competition did not. SPF was always a little more expensive, but owners chose to use SPF to increase the efficiency of their buildings, increased building comfort and to save money. Now that competing single-ply systems will require the installation of rigid insulation board, SPF will in most cases, be a lower cost option.

If you would like more information on how an SPF roof can increase the efficiency of your building, please contact us.

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